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We are specialised in Economics tutoring and have tutored students from top universities across the globe, providing unparalleled access to the best resources in economics tutoring anywhere.

Why Divine School of Economics (DSE)

Divine School of Economics (DSE) is a global tutoring platform for Economics headed by Asstt. Prof. Akshay Kumaar, University of Delhi (Alumnus of Delhi School of Economics). We specialise in providing professional tutoring for Economics and Mathmatics based courses for students planning to make a career in the field of Economics. Our online courses are highly rigorous in approach and aim at theoretical understanding of Economics models and their application to real life. Our course modules are designed to make them compatible with leading Economics departments like London School of Economics (LSE), Yale University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Warwick, Chicago School of Economics, UBC Sauder School of Business & Vancouver School of Economics.

We have an impeccable track record of providing result oriented, highest quality education in the field of Economics. Having tutored students from universities across India, UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and UAE, we are well versed with Economics curriculum across these countries.

Have faith is us and we are going to make you fall deeply in love with Economics!

Professional Tutors

Most of our students are from Columbia, NYU, Yale, Princeton, UPenn, Brown, Stanford, LSE, Kings, UCL, and Oxford Universities. We recruit top tutors from the best economics programs to tutor our high achieving students. Course curriculums for econometrics, microeconomics, and macroeconomics at top schools are remarkably more difficult than an average university. We are very well aware of this so we hire our tutors from top universities with in-class teaching experience.

Kashish Bhatia Delhi University

Akshay Sir is an excellent teacher. His method of teaching helps in clearing all concepts and fundamentals eventhough the classes are online. The interactive classes and doubt clearing sessions have been of great help.


I can not deny saying that this coaching institute is one of the best for building a strong foundation in Economics. Thanks to Sir and DSE🙏

Vaishali Nagdev Delhi University

Akshay sir is really a good teacher. He explains the concept from scratch so that it is fathomable for all students even from non eco background. Learning is fun with him.

Wilinliu Charenamei Delhi University

The teacher is great and he is more like a friend. This place is more like my home and I enjoy learning . He teach in a very easy method and I understand well. I think this will be the best place if you are looking for coaching centre . You wouldn’t regret coming here. 😊

VAASU AHUJA Delhi University

Akshay sir is the best teacher at this centre at any subject no matter whichever it is related to economics.Though right now I am studying online but the concepts are getting clear even better than offline classes...So I advice you to join this institute....

Manvi Nagpal Delhi University

Method of teaching is great, Akshay sir explains the concepts really well, it becomes easy to understand the difficult concepts by the way he explains them.

Kanika Bhatia Delhi University

''I really want to appreciate and thankyou for being such a wonderful professor....the classes are interactive, way of teaching is so interesting and explaining everything is profound..''

Allina Tiwari Delhi University

Akshay Sir explains everything in such a simplified manner that it becomes easy for even an amateur to understand maths. 👍👍

Sangyukta Das Delhi University

Elaborately and very carefully explained by the teacher. Easily accessible and understandable notes.

ANJAN KAUR BANGA Delhi University

I owe my love for economics to Akshay sir, from a person so scared to even pick up the books after a gap of 1.5 year, to someone who would actually look forward to seeing the lectures, just cuz they were so crisp and focused on clearing concepts!